Smartech Thunderbolt Review
This is a great new 4x4 buggy from smartech, the handling of the buggy is outstanding.   The buggy comes RTR with a 2 channel FM
radio, a 1800 mah battery 6 volt nicad and 2 15kg servos  which supplies plenty of power for the steering  brakes and throttle.

The engine is a 28cc engine, its made in house by  the Smartech company  and has a 3 bolt head instead of the 2 bolt head most other
1/5 vehicles come with. The overall performance of this engine is OK .The top end  isn't that good but the torque on the bottom end is
plentiful. There is only a couple of exhaust pipes that work with this model , the stock can, or a X can would be a good upgrade.  As far
as tuned pipes the only one I have found that works is a carson tunedpipe made for the Titan. The stock air filter needs to be upgraded
in my opinion it draws air from the rear of the filter and clogs easy.